Cotton candy fountain pen


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This pastel pink and green fountain pen is hand crafted using one of own custom Alumilite blanks. The body of the pen is reminiscent of blooming flowers or cotton candy and has a smooth finish when closed. The colour exudes a sense of warmth and femininity.  The green may evoke feelings of nature, tranquillity, and freshness. It provides a lovely contrast to the pink, adding balance to the overall design.  The black Magna Carta Titanium Business Series nib features a black ebonite feed to provide durability and a touch of sophistication. This nib is a #6 Medium and it’s compatible with Bock nibs which are also available in most sizes if required. An International ink converter is always included. Body to cap is an M12 triple start thread which makes the pen body thinner than a standard size to suit a smaller hand. The “black chrome” section is from Beaufort Ink and has a very small pinch, again suitable for a smaller hand.

A pen Kimono and wood pen rest, as shown in the photos, are also included. Available Au$220.00 (incl. Australia wide postage)

(USA & Canada free Shipping while on special) This will be a Black Friday special but only until Monday 27th Nov.

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