White Marble M14


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Introducing the Ultimate Handcrafted Fountain Pen for writing comfort. Crafted with precision and care, this fountain pen is tailored for individuals who prefer a thick body for a comfortable grip that makes writing a breeze. Experience the joy of smooth and consistent writing with the high-quality Bock #6 medium nib. This nib glides effortlessly on paper, providing a delightful writing experience for both beginners and seasoned pen enthusiasts. The body is made from a creamy marble resin with dark green acrylic finials and an ebonite section. Whether you’re a pen enthusiast, a professional, or someone looking for a thoughtful gift, our handmade fountain pen is the perfect choice. Pen Kimono in photo is included.

Dimensions: The body is 16mm thick and the ebonite section is larger than normal at 11mm thick at the pinch, while the cap to body uses a triple start M14 thread.

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